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Low power nanoscale integrated circuits
(Nanoscale Analog front-end amplifiers for medical ultra sound imaging)

The following is the brief description of my PhD thesis.




This thesis focuses on the design of CMUT-CMOS interface compact & low power analog front ICs in deep submicron technologies from conventional continuous time mode circuit topologies to sampling mode circuit topologies for high frequency (30 MHz center frequency and bandwidth of 15-45 MHz) catheter based medical ultra sound imaging systems.


Main contributions:


The thesis consists of six research papers that are accepted or intended for an international journal or proceedings by me as a first author. These papers cover the analysis, design and experimental evaluation of nanoscale front-end amplifiers for medical ultrasound imaging. Two tapeouts were made during my PhD research work, the first tapeout (Alabama) and the second tapeout (Cincinnati), both in 90 nm CMOS technology. First Tapeout Alabama has folded cascode amplifier (which was later used in front-end amplifiers in Cincinnati tapeout) and tested the DC performance. Second Tapeout Cincinnati has four front-end amplifiers (two front-ends are based on charge sampling and the other two are continuous time mode front-ends).





1. C.Linga Reddy and Trond Ytterdal, ”Clock jitter impact on the performance of general charge sampling amplifiers,” Journal of Analog Integrated Circuits and Signal Processing, August, 2009 (Accepted).


2. C.Linga Reddy, Tajeshwar Singh and Trond Ytterdal, ”Inverter-based 1V Transimpedance Amplifier in 90nm CMOS for Medical Ultrasound Imaging,” IEEE NORCHIP – 2009.


3. C.Linga Reddy and Trond Ytterdal, ”1V Transimpedance Amplifier in 90nm CMOS for Medical Ultrasound Imaging,” IEEE NORCHIP – 2009.


4. Yamaner, Yalšın Feysel and Cenkeramaddi, Linga Reddy et. al., “Front-end IC design for intravascular ultrasound imaging,” PhD. Research in Microelectronics and Electronics, IEEE PRIME 2008., Boğaziši Un'versity, Istanbul.


5. Ayhan Bozkurt, C.Linga Reddy, F.Yalcin Yamaner and Trond Ytterdal ”A Low Noise Capacitive Feedback Analog Front-end for cMUT based IVUS: Experimental Results,” 7th International workshop on Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers, May 8-9, 2008.


6. B.B.Larsen and C.Linga Reddy, "Mixed Signal IC Design," 7th European workshop on Microelectronics Education (EWME-2008), May 28 - 30, 2008.


7. C.Linga Reddy, Ayhan Bozkurt, Yalacin Yamaner and Trond Ytterdal, “A Low Noise Capacitive Feedback Analog Front-end for CMUTs in IVUS Imaging,” IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, 2007.


8. B.B.Larsen, C.Linga Reddy and Jukka Typpo, ”Readout and Control Circuit for a Four Pixel Digital Camera as Semester Project,” IEEE International Conference on Microelectronic System Education, June 2-4, 2007.


9. Ayhan Bozkurt, F.Yalcin Yamaner and C.Linga Reddy, ”IC Design for 2D cMUT Arrays: High voltage CMOS Design Issues, Experimental Results and New Amplifier Topologies,” 6th International workshop on Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducers, May 25-27, 2007.


10. C.Linga Reddy and Trond Ytterdal, ”Analysis and Design of a 1V Charge Sampling Readout Amplifier in 90nm CMOS for Medical Imaging,” IEEE VLSI-DAT, April 25-27, 2007.


11. C.Linga Reddy, Tajeshwar Singh and Trond Ytterdal, ”Self-biased Charge Sampling Amplifier in 90nm CMOS for Medical Ultrasound Imaging,” IEEE GLSVLSI, March 11-13, 2007.


12. C.Linga Reddy and Trond Ytterdal, ”Jitter Analysis of General Charge Sampling Amplifiers,” IEEE ISCAS, 2006.


13. Thomas Halvorsr°d, C.Linga Reddy, Arne R°nnekleiv and Trond Ytterdal, “A Discrete Time ÁBeamformer for CMUT Arrays – Behavioral Simulations Using SystemC,” IEEE Ultrasonics Symposium, 2005.