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Microelectronic devices :-

WWW Web Based Resources

Britney Spears guide to Semiconductor Physics

Principles of Semiconductor Devices by Bart Van Zeghbroeck

Semiconductor applets (Superb site to view how semiconductor devices work and how they are fabricated.)


The MEXTRAM Model of BJT

Parameter extraction for the BJT model Mextram Level 504


AVANT VBIC (17th Chapter)

VBIC95 Versus MEXTRAM BJT models

 Good Books for Microelectronic Devices

1. Semiconductor Devices by Jasprit Singh


2. Microelectronic Devices by E S Yang (McGraw-Hill International Edition, 1988)


3. Operation and Modeling of the MOS Transistor by Y. Tsividis (McGraw-Hill, 1999)


4. Device Modeling for Analog and RF CMOS Circuit Design by Trond Ytterdal, Yuhua Cheng, Tor A. Fjeldly


5. Introduction to Device Modeling and Circuit Simulation by Tor A. Fjeldly, Trond Ytterdal, Michael S. Shur


5. Semiconductor Device Modeling for VLSI by K. Lee, M. Shur, T.A. Fjeldly and T. Ytterdal (Prentice Hall New Jersey (1993))

6. Physics of Semiconductor devices by S.M.Sze, 2nd edition (Wiley)

7. Solid State Electronic Devices by B.Streetman

RF, Analog and Mixed signal ICs:-

WWW Web Based Resources

Basic Circuits Stuff

Good Applications of Circuits

Analog ICs from UC Berkely

Advanced Analog ICs from UC Berkely

Analog CMOS1 from Prof. Trond(NTNU)

Analog CMOS2 from Prof. Trond(NTNU)

Low Voltage/Low Power Analog ICs from Prof. Trond(NTNU)

Neuromorphic Analog VLSI Systems

Analog and Mixed Signal Group of Texas A & M University

Analog CMOS IC Design from UT

Analog ICs from Colorado State Univ.

Analog Stuff from Columbia University

Fundu Analog Tutorials

 Good Books for Analog Stuff

1. Microelectronic Circuits (5th) by Sedra and Smith


2. Design of Analog CMOS Integrated Circuits by Behzad Razavi


3. Analog Integrated Circuit Design by David Johns and Ken Martin


4. Design of Analog Integrated Circuits and Systems by Kenneth R Laker and Willy M C Sansen


5. CMOS Analog Circuit Design by Allen and Holberg


6. Analog VLSI: circuits and principles by Shih-Chi Liu, Jorg Kramer, Giocomo Indiveri, Tobias Delbruck and Rodney Douglas

 Digital ICs:-

WWW Web Based Resources

Digital ICs from UC Berkely

Introductory Digital Systems Laboratory from MIT

Digital systems Group from Stanford


 Good Books for Digital Stuff

1. CMOS Circuit Design, Layout, and Simulation by R. Jacob Baker, Harry W. Li and David E. Boyce


2. Digital Integrated Circuits (2nd Edition) by Jan M. Rabaey (Author), et al


3. CMOS Digital Integrated Circuits: Analysis and Design, 3/e. Sung-Mo Kang and Yusuf Leblebici


4. Principles of CMOS VLSI design: A systems perspective by N. H. E. Weste and K. Eshraghian.